Caty Sommer,  Certified Financial Planner

Los Angeles

4.0 stars 33 reviews

★★★★      Licensed for 10 years

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Sara published a new article on the impact of divorce on insurance coverage

5 Crucial Insurance Changes After Divorce




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Where is the sustained flow of new clients coming from?

  • Grow your practice and mange referrals as a member of a network of premier peer-reviewed professionals in the industry.
  • We help you to organize, author and promote informative articles that help advance your reputation and visibility.
  • By collaboratively creating resources for people looking for help with their relationships,  we are developing organic interest, relevance  and engagement with clients, rather than throwing money at advertising.
  • Your profile is featured on one of the best sites in terms of reputation and search results.
  • Clients can get a question answered as a way to find a trusted professional.
  • We develop interactive content, tests and quizzes to engage clients in informed decisions.
  • Virtual Consult Model: connect with clients who want to talk remotely on-line.
  • Potential new clients can submit simpler question on the community site, which you can choose to answer.

Reputation management - Your network of associates and trusted professional colleagues.


The best new clients simply come as referrals from people you know. This professional alliance is the best way to manage and reinforce the network that brings those to your practice.


Starting with helping you to be remembered, having a formal network keeps everyone connected and avoids drifting away and forgetting.


We will help to remind you to form new alliances from the people you know and get to know and in doing so, will help them to bring you new clients. The ecosystem of professionals that help people with their relationships is deep, but it is also fragmented in that there are simply not a  lot of big firms that dominate the landscape.  A large professional services company is after all is not much different from an alliance.

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Collaborative development of articles and papers


Content is at the center of engagement with new clients in this digital age. By Content, we are referring to substantive, relevant insights that help people solve real problems.  As a professional you have unique insights and experience. We can help you to get that out into the world in a way that makes an enduring connection.


It might be a story, or a guide, or an infographic, or a video, playing a part in a panel discussion of even co-authoring an article where there is a point-counterpoint from two perspectives.


The point is, that this network is committed to creating the content to help bring your reputation forward with meaningful content.

Visit our Article ideas page, and get started on creating a story.






Panel Discussion

Point-Counterpoint discussion

Facets of a problem from several specialists.

Interactive Social Media Widgets

Surveys and Quizzes to engage



Every point in the network brings qualified referrals

When looking for a professional, most people ask for referrals from people they know. Peachy Alliance solidifies the relationships you have and puts a systematic approach in place to assure you stay in touch with the people you know.


Your network extends to all of the networks of every professional you know.

Secure the best clients from people connected and validated through points of connection in your professional network.


We will help you to build your network and enhance the quality of the relationships you have. This may be the singularly most valuable activity in building your practice - and we are the best way to manage that resource.

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Take your practice online

We help you to find clients that are interested in working virtually.  Its simply much less important to be local than ever before. The best talent can now be available to people who are far away, possibly located in remote regions who previously were unable to travel to see a professional and were reliant on local talent and resources.


This is all changing now.  We can help you to implement virtual methodologies and connect with the right platforms.

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Answering questions as a way of making introductions

The customer-facing website PeachyLife is intended to inform and help people. One of the site's key features is a simple question option, where people can ask a question.  If you have noted that you are interested in these inquiries, and there is a match to your professional skill set and background, we will send you an email notifying you that an inquiry has been made.


If a relationship starts and you are able to engage in a working relationship then you would begin to charge for these services.  Initially the simple questions are an introductory service and we do not charge for this.

A single website cannot compete in search results with a network of thousands of professionals


You take your practice growth seriously, and spend the time to develop a presence on-line. Your website probably resulted from many serious long hours and days in development of content, carefully considering the messages, images and delivery of a professional identity with integrity... Then you have to figure out how to get found online.  Chances are, your website is seem by people who know you already, or who are already considering your professional services...  But it's not likely a bit draw in terms of new clients unless you spend considerable time and resources promoting it. Even then, there isn't the context of a community to validate your reputation.  This is where a network of professionals becomes irreplaceable.


Search engines look for popular sites with rich content that serve the needs of people searching for specific keywords.  They want lots of relevant content and lots of links in.


This is what we do better than any individual website could ever do. Every professional profile page builds the relevancy and reputational score of this site. Every video is tagged and search optimized. Every article is posted in a dozen places, and ultimately we have built a network of hundreds of thousands of points of contact.


You would have to spend every weekend working on your website till the end of time to compete with this.


Complete a profile and author a couple of articles and see how easy this can be.


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